Christmas Bible Sessions

Our bible group start a new session on Sunday evenings (for the next 6 Sundays) beginning on 23rd October in our small hall from 6.30pm - 7.30pm & Wednesdays from 16th @ 2.00pm (please contact us for venue.)  

Our topic is:


The Christmas Experience"


The bible sessions are an open forum for everyone to discuss bible and life topics.  We spend a short time watching a DVD then look at the relevancy of the bible in today's world.


If you would like to come along please use our Contact page, we'll be glad to hear from you.

Watch Trailer

Christmas Experience.jpg

​​​There is an important truth that we discover as we experience that first Christmas....God always keeps His promises.


For all of us that find ourselves feeling like it is always winter and never Christmas, we find out that we can always trust God's timing. This winter season, join with us here at Croftfoot as we follow the Kyle Idleman  six-part Study and discover what it truly means to experience Christmas.