Bible Sessions

Our bible group start a new session on Sunday evenings ( for the next 4 Sundays) beginning on 12th June in our small hall from 6.30pm - 7.30 & Wednesdays from 16th @ 2.00pm (please contact us for venue.)  


Our topic is:


“Lost and Found"


Our bible sessions are an open forum for everyone to discuss bible and life topics.  We spend a short time watching a DVD then look at the relevancy of the bible in today's world.


If you would like to come along please use our Contact page, we'll be glad to hear from you.

  • Many people have stopped attending church, and many of us live with the heartbreak of having a 'prodigal' in our family or friends.

  • Why did they leave? How can we win them back? Are we willing to change in order to welcome home the prodigals and attract the lost?

  • Jeff Lucas takes a fresh look at Jesus' 'Prodigal Son' story to see how we can become a more 'prodigal-friendly' Church. Allow your attitudes to be challenged, and see how the Church could become a more positive, joy-filled place that throws homecoming parties!