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 Bible Sessions

Our bible group start a new session on Sunday evenings (over 10 weeks) beginning on Sunday 3rd September.  We meet in our small hall from 6.30pm - 7.30pm Our topic is:




The bible sessions are an open forum for everyone to discuss bible and life topics.  We spend a short time watching a DVD then look at the relevancy of the bible in today's world.


If you would like to come along please use our Contact page, we'll be glad to hear from you.


Week 7

Think it's too early for Christmas? Let's hear what Isaiah has to say about that?

Watch week 1

This series is a collection of ten episodes watched over 10 Sundays prior to Christmas week, ending on 3rd December as we move into advent and approach Christmas day. 

Week One is narrated by the prophet, Isaiah. 

Week Two is narrated by a Magi.

Week Three is narrated by Elizabeth, a close relative of Mary. 
Week Four is narrated by Mary’s mother. 
Week Five is narrated by Mary. 

Week Six is narrated by Joseph. 
Week Seven is narrated by a tax collector living in Bethlehem. 

Week Eight is narrated by King Herod. 

Week Nine is narrated by a shepherd who was given the good news about the birth of a savior by an angel. 
Week Ten is told by an angel sent to tell the shepherds about the birth of mankind’s shepherd. 

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